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The National Desexing Month of July went so well and we helped so many animals, that we are continuing to offer the low desexing prices into August!

Desexing is important. We want to help the community by offering significantly reduced costs for desexing your pets.

Desexing is a healthy choice for your pet (there are LOTS of benefits – please ask our staff if you have questions!), and is a socially responsible one too. If you or any of your friends have a cat or dog that requires desexing, please call us on 9295 6777.

And please know - we will not be compromising on our standard of care of your furry friends in any way – they will be taken care of just like always, and every one of our patients will go home with pain relief after their surgery.



FEMALE CAT                   $120

FEMALE DOG                  $85


FEMALE DOG < 10KG     $180

FEMALE DOG 10-25KG   $205

FEMALE DOG 25-40KG   $225

MALE DOG  < 10KG        $150

MALE DOG 10-25KG       $170

MALE DOG 25-40KG       $190